Reconstruction Chap 16 Essay

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Question Facing the Union 1) what to do with 3.5 million freed African Americans
a) no land, no jobs, no skills, no knowledge of how to provide for themselves in a
“modern” America
2) What to do with Southern states?
a) Lincoln wanted to return them to the union “with malice towards none and charity for all”
b) Radicals wanted to treat them as conquered territory
c) they never legally left the union in the first place New life for former slaves 3) A great number of slaves were re­enslaved as soon as Union soldiers left some slaves felt loyalty to their former owners 4) Some slaves felt loyalty to their former owners
a. stayed on the plantations to work
5) destructive vengance of former slaves
6)groups of slaves owners resisted emancipation
a. claimed they would follow a local law

What to do with freedom? 1) former slaves traveled away from plantations
a) looking for family, work, new life
2) Many had no plan­ had only known life as a slave Lincoln’s PLan 1) The union could only be healed if there was alson no animosity
2) amnesty to all rebels who would swear allegiance to the United States and obey its laws a) must outlaw slavery
b) High ranking confederate officers who mistreated prisoners of war (POWs) RAdical Reconstruction 1) Republicans in Congress felt Lincoln’s plan was too lenient

2) wade­ Davis Bill­1864
a) 50% of a state’s voters swear loyalty to the Union
b) Only non­Confederates allowed to vote or hold office
c) Lincoln refused to sign the bill Lincoln’s Assassination 1) Killed by John Wilkes Booth at ford’s Theatre
a) “sic semper tyrannis”­ thus always to tyrants
b) by killing Lincoln, Booth allowed the Radical Republicans to gain control of government President Andrew Jackson 1) 17th President
2) southern Democrat from Tennessee
a) white supremacist
3) South thought he was a traitor, North thought he was a southerner Johnson’s Reconstruction Plan 1) Mostly follow Lincolns plan
a) DEclares that secession is illegal
b) Southerners would have to swear allegiance to the constitution, including the
13th amendment
c) none of the Confederate war debt would be paid by the Northern states
d) Southern states would have to ratify the 14th amendment Freedmen’s Bureau 1) First federal relief program
a) set up food and clothing for former slaves and destitute whites
b) set up 40 hospitals, 4000 primary schools, 61 industrial factories, and 74 teacher schools
c) large numbers of African flocked to these schools (preamble)
2) Black teachers were harassed by local whites
a) found it hard to find homes near the schools, could not get credit
b) Students of black teachers were harassed
3) Congress voted to enlarge the Freedmen’s Bureau in