Reconstruction Dbq Analysis

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Why did Congress’ Reconstruction efforts to ensure equal rights for the the freedmen fail?

On December 6, 1865, the 13th Amendment was passed abolishing all slavery. Congress tried to help African Americans but the democrats took over and wanted them to have nothing to do with politics. White supremacy took over and allowed segregation. African Americans were suppose to be able to vote under the 15th amendment but worse things could happen if they did. Reconstruction effort failed because African Americans weren’t allowed to vote, white supremacy used violence against freedmen, and because they couldn’t be allowed in politics.
Republicans tried to ensure that former slaves could vote but the Democrats on the other hand had different ideas. Democrat Benjamin Boyer opposed freedman voting by speaking his mind of why negroes are not equal to white Americans. Boyer wrote this speech to pursue others to think his way of thinking (Doc 1). A picture and quote in Harper’s Weekly newspaper in 1874 shows of black Americans trying to
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An excerpt from The Era of Reconstruction tells of when southern democrats gained strength after the disabilities of pre-war leaders were pardoned. Congress then passed a law to restore rights to all but a few ex-Confederates. This excerpt was written to inform others of this event and how unfair it was to pardon all the bad things the generals had done to African Americans. This now meant more democratic voters to vote against the freedmen (Doc 3). W.E.B. DuBois states that he believes if Negroes wanted to work they must not be included in politics. He wrote this to show to others his opinions and invite then to believe the same. He also wanted to tell Black Americans his opinion (Doc 11).Black Codes were put on African Americans to watch them. These laws intended to to restrict the rights of black people and make them work for low wages and pile up lots of