Essay on reconstruction of america

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John Smith, despite his experiences in the New World, seems to hope to encourage settlement of America through his writings. John Smith was an advocate for an increase in expeditions to America, and he wanted to lead such an expedition later on in his life. Smith seems to be a genuine explorer with the ambition to back himself up. He sees America as an untapped and untainted landscape, and hopes that those in England see it as such too. Whether all his accounts of his experience with the Native Americans are true or not is debatable. He did not, however appear to truly despise the native population, although his tone seems condescending at times. He does seem to have an interest in their culture and a desire to create a healthy relationship with them, but the problem is his depictions of them as “savages” and “heathen” does not help his cause. He does mention that his men and himself were only able to survive thanks to the help of the natives, as they supplied them with food. Smith as a person seems to be quite an egotist as he refers to himself strictly in the third person as he lists off his accomplishments. Generally speaking, Smith is sort of difficult to judge. While he did express an interest an in some cases positive image of the natives, who is to say that this was only with his own personal gain in mind. He was certainly a skilled and ambitious explorer that knew what he was doing and how to survive in this harsh new environment.

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