Essay on Reconstruction: Person and Background Information

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Counter Claim

What does the other side say?

Remember, your paper is arguing to get the reader to accept your point of view. An effective paper addresses what the other side might say and explains why that point of view is wrong.

Key Items Necessary:

Transition into opposition paragraph.
This is a totally different opinion than your own, so you need to lead your reader into the paragraph so they understand what’s going on.
Example transition:
Some people may disagree and say that the government should have the right to control the individual.

Background information and a detailed example (or even a quote, potentially) for the opposition’s point of view.
Why do people who have the opposite opinion feel this way? Give background information that leads into a specific example/quote from the text that supports what the opposition believes.
Example background information and example:
These people may believe that government control of individuals leads to an efficient society. In Anthem, because the government controls every aspect of life, even going so far as choosing their jobs for them, there are no people left without specific roles in society. Every person has a role they are required to fulfill in order for society to run smoothly.

Explanation of this point of view is wrong and that yours is right.
In order for your counter claim paragraph to be very effective, you need to not only address what other people may believe, but also explain why