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Record of Professional Discussion
Unit 001 Understand the Principles and Practices of Learning and Development

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2.1 Explain the components of the Learning and Development cycle.

Identify learning needs – Develop a strategy and plan for L&D, Identify the learning and development needs of the organisation, Identify individual learning aims and programmes.

Plan and Design of Learning – Design learning programmes, Agree learning programmes with learners, Develop training sessions, Prepare and develop resources to support learning, Plan how to provide basic skills in the workplace.

Deliver Learning – Manage the contribution of other people to the learning process, Create a climate that promotes learning, Enable learning through presentations, Enable learning through demonstrations and instruction, Enable individual learning through coaching, Enable group learning, Support learners by mentoring in the workplace, Support and advise individual learners, Introduce basic skills in the workplace, Support how basic skills are delivered in the workplace, Support people learning basic skills in the workplace.

Evaluation of learning – Assess candidates using a range of methods, Assess candidates performance through observation, Conduct internal quality assurance of the assessment process, Conduct external quality assurance of the assessment process, Monitor and review with learners, Evaluate and improve learning and development programmes, Respond to changes in learning and development, Support competence achieved in the workplace.

2.2 Please explain how the learning and development cycle is used to enhance your learner’s experience.

TNA used to identify the individuals training needs taking into account of any prior knowledge/experiences that may be relevant and tailoring the learning package to meet the needs of the learner.

Training programmes are developed to take into account legislative and organisational requirements and also the individuals preferred learning styles. Majority of training packages will involve a theory or background classroom input prior to a practical application. Learning is achieved by the learner having subjects and skills explained and demonstrated prior to the learner then repeating the skills and practising reinforcing new skills.

3.1 Why is it necessary to ascertain learner’s individual training requirements and needs and what motivates them to learn?

By ascertaining a learners preferred learning style any teaching can be tailored to best suit the learner. The learner should disclose to the trainer any areas of confidentiality and learning needs that make impact upon their ability to carry out the learning, as if teaching does not take these factors into account the teaching may not be to its full potential and the desired outcomes not achieved.

Any training requests made by a learner will identify their desire to learn, teaching delivered to a learner who is motivated and keen to take part will be better received and retained.

Due to the expense of training within all training must be specific to the learner and their role, the training should be such that the learner would ideally not need to receive further training other than the requisite refresher training at specified intervals laid out in documents such as the

4.3 Explain your own role as practitioner in the development of learners in the learning and development process.

I must be aware of my own skills and should be competent in the areas that I deliver training in. My knowledge in the subject matter should be sound to stand up to any questioning by learners who will expect that I am able to carry out the tasks that I am teaching. I should also be aware of differing methods of delivering the training to meet the students needs.

As a trainer I should carry out environmental scanning which can help to identify trends that can affect the…