Timeless Records Business Proposal

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Timeless Records Business Proposal
Angeline Moore
University of Phoenix
BIS 220
Professor: Veronica Wade
January 10, 2013

Timeless Record Store, LLC-Business Proposal

Timeless Record Store, LLC.

Prepared by

Owner of Timeless Record Store
Angeline Moore

Prepared for

Co-owner of Timeless Record Store
Sophia Nicholson

Table of Contents Page Number
1. Title Page
2. Business Plan Summery
3. Types of Organizational Information Systems
a. Table for Information Systems
4. Benefits of the Information Systems
5. Drawbacks of the Information Systems
a. Table for Drawbacks
6. Proposed Actions
7. Closing
8. References

Business Summary- Introduction

Timeless Records, LLC has been developed to turn back the hands of time in restoring the sound of music people have enjoyed since the beginning of time. Our record store will assist in locating music that our customers have been appreciating for decades. The store will have universal suppliers who will be able to buy and sell their music through our store. As defined by Webster dictionary, an information system is a “system consisting of the network of all communication channels used in an organization” (Webster dictionary). Timeless Records will use information systems to supply a way to allocate crucial information, to place orders with suppliers in the precise format possible, and to gratify every customer that we come in contact with.
The use of information systems can be used to create many different areas as well as manage the daily operations to develop the successful growth of Timeless Records. Information systems can be established via the computer or not, however in order to establish a successful company, many different systems are needed. Considering that fact that Timeless Records is in the process of creating a record store, it would be a critical solution to include a functional area IS system; this would include a management information system, transaction processing system, an office automation system, a supply chain information system, and an electronic commerce system to receive maximum results. In order to create a seamless functional operation, the information configuration will help to build activity reports, track credit card purchases, assist with processing payroll for our employees, and maintain the store's budget in order to keep Timeless Records unswerving as well as keeping us one step ahead of the game and our competition.
Different Forms of Organized Information Systems
Below are different forms of information systems that can be used. They have a variety of capabilities and can be extremely important to have, in order to create a wide variety, which will in turn save precious time and money.
Table 1.
Information Systems Function
Supply Chain Management System This system manages the flow of products and services.
Office Automation System This system supports work activities on a daily basis