The Importance Of Re-Creating A Business

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Richard Heinzman
Averett University

What are the messages we are going to deliver in order to make businesses and people want join the new myspace and to invest in it? The messages we are going to deliver are these, now is the time to re-create myspace, the new myspace will help people get jobs, and the new myspace will help businesses earn more money through networking. Many people will wonder whether or not it is a good idea to re-create a business during a recession and the answer is yes. One reason it is a good idea to re-create myspace in this recession is that we have a solid plan to do so. If we choose to wait out this recession where will be in a year or even two years? We could be worse off then if we had gone through with re-creating myspace or we could have a company that is not only producing revenue and profit, but we could also have a company that has worked out most of the kinks in the new myspace. Another reason we want to re-create myspace right now is that there is a large pool of talent that we can pull from in order to move the company forward, we will also have an added bonus of teaching many of these new hires the importance of frugality and keeping overhead costs low. With this all said we think that companies will be willing to look at our business plan and see that despite the recession our vision for myspace is a viable and profitable endeavor. (Barnby, n.d.) Job creation is going to be a major part of the new myspace. The major part of our plan for myspace is to turn it from a social site similar to facebook, and turn it into a social site for businesses and people who are looking for jobs, and networking. By getting companies to sign on with the new myspace they will have a vast pool of people that they can easily search through and find who would be qualified to come work for them. The new myspace will offer 3 tiers of workers that a company can chose from in order to fill a spot. The new myspace will allow a company to decide if they want a person with very little experience that is looking to start a career, or maybe a person that has experience and wants to further their career, or even choose a person that has lots of experience and needs no training for the available job. No matter what a company will be looking for, the new myspace will have a vast pool of people to choose from and will utilize a simple search engine that anyone can use in order to find exactly what they are looking for. (Chang, 03/20/2008) The last message is that the new myspace is going to help companies increase revenue and profits. The way the new myspace is going to do this is by reducing the costs there are in trying to find an applicant that is qualified for the open job position. For example, if a company needs an aerospace engineer, they can have someone go to the myspace website, enter in all the criteria they would be looking for, do a search and all the qualified people for that job position would show up. Then all a company would have to do is sift through them and pick who they want to call in for interviews. Another way the new myspace will help companies increase revenue is that it is designed for people in similar fields of work to meet each other and allow them to network with one another. An example of this would be a general construction contractor needs a steel company to help build a building. If the person in charge of the project utilizes the networking ability myspace will offer they can easily go online and look up people that are in the steel industry, or if they have already been utilizing they may have already been talking to someone that is in the industry. By utilizing this unique tool myspace will have to offer, companies can increase their revenue because they will have to spend less money looking for a company to do the job and be able to keep that money for themselves. (“Tips for improving profibility“, n.d.) The next major question