Recreational Safety Hazard Essay examples

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Recreational Hazard Assignment
I have enjoyed playing tennis for many years starting even before high school. I play with my friends and family members. You can hurt yourself many ways playing tennis, although many people still continue to participate in the sport. There are really no preparations to playing tennis that will cause the injury, but there are many injuries that can occur while actually playing. First you need to reserve a court, get tennis, a racket, and the proper clothing. Most importantly you need the correct sports shoe. Finally you are ready to go and play tennis, don’t forget to stay properly hydrated when doing any intense activates such as tennis.
There are many hazards and injuries that your body can sustain while playing tennis. The first thing comes to my head is a groin strain, luckily that has never occurred to me while playing. Since you are running the whole time on your feet on a hard surface, it is a possibly to cause a plantar fasciitis. Lastly with the force that your shoulder endures while serving the tennis ball at high speeds, could possibly cause a rotar cuff injury. The possibility of having all these injuries is very likely, and there could be more if you are not careful.
Although not all injuries can be prevented like we have discussed in the personal injury discussions, there are some steps you can take to lessen the chance of getting hurt. All of the example of injuries above can easily be prevented by the stretching before, warming up, stretching after, and…