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Recruiting and Retention Plan

Motors and More, Inc., a small motor manufacturing company, has seen growth in sales as their marketing and sales department are targeting nearby markets. Currently, the company does not have enough employees to double their productivity. The company is ready to recruit new employees and reorganize current ones. In this paper we create a recruitment plan by analyzing which departments will need new employees, describing the turnover rate and the types of interviews to be conducted. Then, we take a look at the sources and tools that we will use to recruit potential candidates. Also, we develop a retention plan that will help the company lower the turnover rate. Lastly, we discuss ways to assess the effectiveness of our recruitment and retention plan.
Keywords: Motors and More, Inc., recruitment, retention, interviews, HR, turnover.

Recruitment and Retention Plan
One of the most important parts of the Human Resources department is the unit that is responsible for staffing. Each company must find a person to head that unit with the ability to determine what works best for the company. Motors and More, Inc. is a small company headquartered in a small town. However, it has been experiencing an increase in product demand as the sales and marketing department continue to work in an expanding market (McCain, 2007, p. 4). Currently, the company employs 116 people but due to its increased product demand, a 96 percent increase in output is necessary (McCain, 2007, p. 4). At this time, Motors and More needs to implement a successful recruitment plan in order to increase the productivity of the company and keep up with demand. A recruitment process is one of the ways that Motors and More can deal with the shortage of employees (Ivancevich & Konopaske, 2013, p. 188) and find the right people to fill the right positions.
At the same time, the company has been experiencing a very high voluntary employee turnover rate (McCain, 2007, p. 4), which is an issue that needs immediate attention, considering the cost of turnover can get very expensive. There are many reasons for employees to decide to leave the company and look for employment elsewhere. The HR department will also establish a retention plan to ensure current and new employees stay in the company for a long time. Motors and More will face some difficulties at the time of recruiting new employees. There is a labor shortage in the town where the company is located and the president of the company prefers hiring people from the community (McCain, 2007, p. 4). This means that there is a need for creative recruitment efforts and an extensive search for employees that have the right qualifications. There is also demand to create an attractive benefits and compensation plan to appeal to the best employees to stay ahead of competition in the area and to attract employees in a community that has a remarkably low unemployment rate (McCain, 2007, p. 4).
Finally, Motors and More will need to look at their current employee pool which is 88 percent Caucasian with all managers being men (McCain, 2007, p. 14). During recruitment efforts, it is important to establish an aggressive diversity management program to find ways to hire or promote more minorities into equally important positions in order to avoid accusation of discrimination. This is especially important seeing how the location of the company has a labor market population of approximately 48 percent minority (McCain, 2007, p. 4). This amount will allow the company to hire many of these minorities to more accurately represent and reflect the community wherein the organization lies.
Facing the current increase in product demand, Motors and More will need to double the number of employees to accomplish the goal of increasing output by 96 percent. However, because of the cost associated with recruiting, selecting and training new employees, it is important to take a…