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Personnel Specification

The Personnel Specification outlines the main attributes needed to adequately perform the post specified. In drawing together the specification, a critical examination of the job description has been undertaken to pinpoint those elements of the post deemed as essential.

The Personnel Specification is intended to give prospective candidates a better understanding of the post requirements. It will be used as part of the recruitment process in identifying and shortlisting candidates.

How identified
1. Physical

What does the job require in the way of: -

Appearance, manner, speech, general health, voice etc. Consider the real needs of the job. Be particularly wary about setting age limits which actively discriminates against specific age groups and disabled people.
A good attendance record Candidates should have less than 3 absences in the last 6 months or not more than 6 days absence over the 6 months period prior to the closing date of the post. Any absences relating to a disability or any other incapacity will be viewed sympathetically and will be considered if fully explained. Should any candidate not meet these criteria and choose to include an explanation then this will be considered.

Job and medical history from application form and references.
Performance in interview process.
2. Qualifications

What does the job require in the way of: -

Level of formal qualifications required to carry out the job. Describe these by level of attainment and by subject matter where appropriate, e.g. Degree, HNC, Professional Qualifications, GCSE's, CIPFA etc.
CIPD qualification or equivalent in a related topic or equivalent knowledge gained through 3 years experience in a
HR role

5 GCSEs, grade C or above (or equivalent) including English Language

Formal possession of an appropriate qualification to be verified at interview or from records.
3. Experience
What does the job require in the way of: -

Specific related job experience and in what type of working environment. What kind of life experience could supplement or replace this? Which is more important to the success of the job?
A strong track record of personal development in the HR and Business field

Strong employee relations background (disciplinary, grievance, sickness absence, performance management, redundancy)

Good Planning and Facilitation skills

Ability to ensure that problems are dealt with and solutions found

Excellent computer skills-familiarity with IT packages especially Microsoft Office and the Internet.

Past employment activity record. Performance in related selection methods, e.g. presentation, group discussion.

4. Training

What does the job require in the way of: -

Specific and/or specialist training in order to do the job, e.g. training in recruitment and selection, supervisory, management, inter-personal skills. Apprenticeship in a recognised trade. Practical training in the use of specific equipment,
Recruitment and Selection

Demonstration of continuous professional development

Past training history from application form and records. Selection process by demonstration of ability to display knowledge and skills at the interview.
5. Skills and Knowledge

What special knowledge is required in order to perform the job properly, e.g. a knowledge of employment legislation, accounting, financial planning regulations, languages, computer systems,
Extensive working knowledge of employment legislation and the practical application of this in a working environment

Ability to work and make decisions both independently and collaboratively having first evaluated all options and be able to support decisions with factual information.

Communicate both orally and in writing in a clear, concise and business like way that…