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Staffing and Remuneration
Recruitment & Selection Portfolio
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Job title: human resource manager

Reporting to: Office Manager

Salary: Award Wages

Hours: Monday – Friday 9.00 – 5.00 pm Location: gold coast

Purpose of the position
The human resource manager needs to select the most suitable employees form the people acceptance of job fair to make the most benefit for the company.
Within the corporate, human resource manager need to distribute all employees to different department according to their ability and the subject they major in. at last, the human resource manager have the duty to dismissal employees.
Responsibilities & duties
1. Planning, implementing, and managing recruitment
2. Selection, training
3. Improve work circumstance of employee
4. Predict the type of position the corporate is going to need in the future
5. Analysis the job form the aspect of the employee
6. Motivating, encourage, comfort employees
7. Career planning
8. Management Labor relations, settle the dispute between employees and different layer of the corporate.
9. Human Resources Accounting
10. Reward Management
11. Performance Assessment at regular intervals

Job advertisement

Hello, we are BLACK BAY, the biggest electronic products company in gold coast area. If you are major in the human resource management or have work experience in human resource management, you can utilize your great human management, organizational, and communication skills.
You need to undertake the responsibility recruitment and dismissal employees, sometime, adjust the distribution of human is a vital task for you to settled.
If you are a professional proactive person and want to be a part in a growing organization, this can be you ideal job.
BLACK BAY is an EEO employer and strives to be an Employer of Choice, supporting Work Life Balance strategies for all staff. Salary: 70k circa package and Superannuation Job commencement date
Start: may, 20th, 2014
End: may, 20th, 2014 Please email your CV to or
Telephone: Joe zhang Please Go to the website <> for more information.

Education: experience &skills
Minimum one year experience in similar administrative role
Have a excellent skill communication
Have the ability to design the question in a job recruitment settle a recruitment
Have a transport and a diver’s license
Have a high standard in written skills
Can training fresh employers and develop the training system
Business management skills

Be able manage and improve the compensation and benefit structures

Performance management at regular intervals

Personal qualities & behavioral traits
Capable to communicate with the employers in the company

Have a critical thinking skills in dealing with question

Be honest and reliable

Can adjust self in a various environment

Be discreet in dealing with things within the company and business management

Interview questions

Interview questions
Selection Criteria Identifier
How do you dismissal an employee who has work in the company for years?
Experience of recruit and dismissal employee
What if other interviewees have different opinion with you? How would deal this kind of situation?
Communication skills
What kind of relationship among you and your colleague in the previous job?
Personal qualities
How would you design the performance assessment? How often will it hold?
Performance management
Presentation skill
How do you comfort a dismissal employee unwilling to leave?
Communication skills
Experience of recruit and dismissal employee
What would you do when superior making a wrong decision?
Communication skills
How do you dealing with conflict between employees?
Communication skills
Coordinate skills
Interpersonal skills
How do you encourage