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Business Communication – Unit 4
Task 1 – P1 - Explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes

This report shows the communication that Tesco use, through their employees and customers. This report sets out to show how Tesco send and receive information to and from their employees to promote products and take feedback to better their stores and business.

Report requested by: Tesco Belfast area Manager
Report Submission Date: 05/12/2012




PA System


Tesco use telephones for verbal communication so that information can be passed quickly and efficiently.
Meetings are used when large groups of people are needed to hear a certain presentation on new systems etc or if a problem occurs then the group must hear it at the same time.
Interviews are used in Tesco to find out more about a possible employee and to give information to the person directly and privately.

In Tesco stores the PA system is used to inform customers of deals and to inform employees that they are needed at a certain place within the store.

If employees or customers cannot be reached by email and their telephone is engaged then a voicemail will be left on an answer machine or on their mobiles to inform them that Tesco have called.

If Tesco are offering samples of food or drink to promote a product to a customer then they will talk to them face to face about the product. Also Superiors may talk to their subordinates about different matters face to face.





Reports are used by Tesco to document different information that my need to be kept like health and safety documents, employment contracts, and legal reports.
Posters are used for advertising different products that are in store and also are useful to catch the customer’s eye in a cheap and efficient way.

In Tesco emails are sent to inform certain people of a message for e.g. job application replies, times and shift changes and also different deals that are on if the customer has signed up for an email news letter with the store.

Letters are used in Tesco to communicate with their employees in telling them about their job like if it is at risk due to a problem that has occurred. Customers can also receive letters informing them of offers etc.

Tesco magazines are used to show all the different products that are on sale and also to tell people if another store is opening up near them.

Tesco use billboards to communicate with customers on deals outside of the store.
Presentations are used in Tesco to show