Recruitment Case Study: ABC, Inc.

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ABC, Inc. Recruitment Case Study
Michael Carpenter
Dec 1, 2014
David Mumford

ABC, Inc. Recruitment Case Study Carl Robins is the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., hiring 15 new potential employees in early April as his first recruitment group. These new potential employees will be hired to work for Monica Carrolls, Operations Supervisor, and will require several documents and checks before their hires. Along with the various pieces of information that must be gathered for each new hire, they will also each require attending a company orientation and reading several physical company guides, once they are hired. Carl Robins is in charge of collecting all the needed documents and tests for each new hire as well as organizing their orientation and company guides. As of 20 days out from the new hires expected orientation date of July 15th, Carl is behind. He has not completed all the required processing, some of the employees have not completed applications, some have not submitted transcripts and others have not yet completed the needed drug screenings or background checks. Outside of this, orientation needs to be arranged somewhere other than the original location because of booking conflicts. The company guides also need to be reviewed for the new hires prior to orientation.

Having found 15 new potential hires in early April, Carl had several months to follow up with each new hire and ensure that all needed processing work was completed. Carl is in fact fairly new himself, having only been with ABC, Inc. for six months. This inexperience can explain some of the mishaps and lack of knowledge of timescales to complete tasks. It would appear as though there is no guidance in Carl’s department as well as a lack of personnel to which to delegate tasks

Key Problems The key problems that are at work for ABC, Inc’s recruitment are mainly due to policy and procedure. Second to to this, it could also be said that more guidance and training along with proper expectations could be laid out before recruiters. The key problems for Carl and fellow recruiters can be listed as: * Improper timelines to adhere to * Unrealistic expectations of when to submit processing documentation * Flawed booking system for resources * Improper staffing and delegation * Lack of proper guidance, mentoring and training before working individually It can be said that ABC, Inc’s hiring process has worked thus far. Many employees have been hired through the processes and procedures that Carl Robinson is following. The problems is though, that more employees could be hired at a faster rate while the recruitment team exhausted less energy if several procedures where viewed differently and tweaked. Although it is clear that more man power will have to be injected into the department under the current structure to make it successful, this would not have to be the case with a change in recruitment structure. Improper timelines for both the new hires and the recruitment officers to which they have to obtain and submit documents can attributed to lack of deadlines and improper expectations. Along those lines, by not having clear guidelines for each departments training resources and scheduling of said resources, it is never a question as to why booking conflicts arise for resources.

Solutions Having reviewed all key areas and finding them stem from a few core issues, it is possible to build solutions to which the recruitment department of ABC, Inc. can be improved. The first possible solution for the issues is probably the easiest to implement to which more training and mentoring is given to newly hired recruiters. By properly staffing senior recruiters, ABC, Inc. could set new policies to which new recruiters are properly trained and mentored by assigning one or two new recruiters to each senior recruiter. A timeline can then be structured to show proper amounts of time for lab training, shadowing of the senior