Recruitment: Employment and Job Essay

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Recruitment in the workplace

The recruitment and selection process
Every business recruits employees; however there are diverse reasons for why a business may require new employees. Firstly this could be due to the organisation expanding therefore more vacancies will be presented, an example of this could be if a business chooses to become e-commerce which is fundamentally buying and selling through the internet. As a result this can then lead to jobs being accessible as IT specialists and web page designers will be essential. Secondly all businesses have a turnover of staff, thus additional positions will exist in the business if a present employee leaves. For example ASDA and other various comparable supermarket chains will continuously need to recruit checkout staff, car park attendants and other employees due to a regular stream of employees leaving their jobs either to attend university or college, therefore they will need to be substituted by new employees. Furthermore job role changes can create new posts within a business; each year job roles alter as modern work is persistently varying, this basically means that over a period of time the job skills that are necessary may be different. Businesses will consequently have to regularly create new opportunities and new jobs requiring new individuals. Moreover internal promotion can also grant vacancies within a business due to employees being moved to better paid or more demanding posts within the organisation, this is encouraged this highly, therefore new employees are required to substitute those moving up the ladder. In addition vacancies can become available within a business due to an increase in demand during certain times of the year, e.g. when it is Christmas or when the business has just set up. To satisfy customer requirements or help the business succeed the right staff with the right skills that suit the business must be recruited this is vital as it keeps costs low and saves time. To identify futures staffing requirements companies can produce workforce plans thus a new sales manager may be required in a couple of month’s time due to development plans.
Moreover the recruitment process is principally the procedure of seeking and hiring suitable candidates for the job position that is being advertised. Before considering the recruitment and selection of individuals to fill new posts, an understanding of the various job roles and levels of management that can exist in a medium to a large sized business must be understood these include managers, supervisors, IT operatives, Administrators and customer service operatives. Businesses must plan to make sure that they have the right number of suitable employees for their needs. When a business is looking to recruit a new employee, it needs to be able to define key roles and responsibilities that will be expected in the new post.

This is a diagram of the recruitment and selection process:

This is the description of the recruitment and selection process:
Identifying the vacancy
When recruiting new employees, a business must first agree that there is a position available. Due to demand at certain time of the year, individuals leaving job, internal promotion or other factors that may result in a organisation having to recruit new employees.
Draw up a job description
A job analysis can be utilized to generate a job description. A job description is mainly summarising the responsibilities and roles of that particular job. On the other hand it may perhaps be used as a guideline for an employee and/or line manager as to his or her roles and responsibility within the establishment. Furthermore a job description mainly includes the salary that will be received, the job title which is one of the most vital sections of a job description as it offers a good explanation of what the job entails. The prime factor that job applicants will examine on job