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Manage Recruitment, Selection and Induction process

Assignment 1

What you have to do
This assignment is designed to give you an opportunity to evaluate and make recommendations for improving policies, procedures and processes for the management, selection and induction of employees in an organisation of your choice. The project report should be approximately 1200 - 1500 words, excluding appendices.

Task 1

The report should be structured to incorporate the following:
1.One page overview by giving a description of the organisation selected describing:
The nature of the business of the organisation
Its design and structure
Its culture
The organisation’s strategic and operational plans

Hotel X was established in the 1950’s, now being a heritage listed hotel. This hotel provides warm hospitality with friendly service to its guests within the CDB area in Sydney. The hotel has over 400 spacious accommodation rooms, several conference rooms and many food and beverage outlets in which one can enjoy. The hotel also offers an indoor swimming pool, spa, sauna, gymnasium, internet centre and 24 hour room service.
The nature of the business is accommodation and food and beverage facilities to its guests. This modernized 50 year old hotel has a casual dining, friendly feel to all its 3 food and beverage outlets. Whilst it caters for both leisure guests as well as business, there is something for everyone.
The management team consists of a General Manager, Executive Manager, Chief engineer, Front Office manager, Food and beverage manager, Sales + Marketing Manager + Finance Manager. Each department then has either a Supervisor or Team Leader in place, followed by front line staff. The team aims to tailor to the needs of both the corporate client and leisure client and will provide complementary personal services where needed.

At an operational level, organizations put HR management practices in place to support management and staff in achieving their day-to-day goals. Whether it's determining how many staff are needed to deliver services over the next year or how performance will be monitored, HR management practices and activities need to be planned to answer the question: "Where is our organization going and how will it get there?"

With this in mind, the main mission is to provide high quality accommodation and associated amenities and services at competitive prices to targeted markets. In relation to this, basic business objective are reflected in everything that they do, which is ultimately to contribute to the enrichment of the quality of lives for people around the world.

The objectives of hotel X within operations include:
Exceeding customer's expectations
Maintaining an 90% occupancy rate during the peak periods
Assembling an experienced and effective staff

2.Identify (or create) and analyse the organisation’s goals and objectives for recruitment, selection and induction. Evaluate their effectiveness including commenting on how well they align with the organisation’s strategic operational plans.

Within most hotels, human resources is seen as an advantage to the organization (Accor, 2012). Having various trained people who can communicate effectively, work efficiently, manage their time effectively and produce innovative solutions, can make an great difference to the individual hotels productivity, culture and image.
The human resource management strategies that this hotel develops to recruit and select staff plays an essential role in assisting achieve its objectives. Human resource management policies directly support and enable the objectives of all the organisation’s operations, including that of administration, marketing, finance and production. Putting the right people in the right job will help to ensure that each department meets its goals and objectives. Having the right person in the wrong place can be as ineffective as having the wrong person in the wrong place.…