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Recruitment process at Carepride

As Carepride is a domiciliary care agency and staffs are working on their own without supervision, it is very important that we find the right people for the job when we are recruiting. The recruitment process at Carepride is a long process which can take up to a week per a new recruit. This is because we cannot have anyone going out into the community caring for our clients. They have to be the right people with a good skill mix and a good caring attitude.

First in out recruitment process is that we identify what sort of staff we are looking for i.e. whether we need night carers or senior cares etc. we then advertise the job so people know about it. There are several ways that we advertise. The first point of call is always to go to the job centre and put an advert up with them, or we advertise online with Gumtree and also there are a few shops which we use regularly to post an advert. The advert will have a brief job description on it as well as other basic information such as hours and rate of pay.

After the advertising is complete we then wait a week or two to collect all the application forms. Me and the manager then goes through each application form to pick out which ones we like the look of to call in for an interview. On average out of 20 applications we would choose around 10 to come in for an interview. Usually we set aside a couple of days which we use just for interviews.

In the interview either myself or manager will ask the questions and the other person will take the notes. The interview is a long process as we need to decide who is best for this role and sometimes it can be hard to do with the limited time we have to get to know the individual. This is why we follow an interview assessment form (which I have attached). This form is divided into four different sections and has a score system to see how well they have answered each question. The four categories it is divided into are experience personal qualities, skills/abilities, circumstances and miscellaneous.

After we finish all our interviews the manager and I will reflect on everyone that we have seen and make a decision together on who is best suited to the role. We would then ring the successful applicants to ask them to come in for their