The Colurcing Process For A Manufacturing Manager

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To begin the recruitment process for a Manufacturing Manager, I would exhaust a few sourcing methods to be sure that the organization has found a qualified candidate. All sourcing methods have their advantages as well as their disadvantages, so I will evaluate each of them. The first method that I would use is e-recruiting. This sourcing method has become very popular over the years as the number of recruiting sites has become available, and the use of internet has become popular. Some advantages of e-recruiting are that employers have the ability to read resumes online and respond via e-mail, and this method is a time saver for HR professionals. By using this method employers are able to specify the job responsibilities and the requirements without actually speaking to every applicant. This method also filters out a lot of the unqualified applicants. A disadvantage to this method is that employers get buried in resumes. In many cases, there are so many resumes that they may need an applicant tracking software to handle the large volume of applicants.
The next method that may be useful in recruiting for this position is utilizing the local Employment Security Commission. One major advantage to this is that the ESC is usually the first place that jobseekers look. The ESC offers statewide exposure, and it is free for the employer to post their jobs. If the ESC is given the right information (job description, requirements, etc...) they are able to efficiently provide a recruitment, screening, and referral service to the employer. This service can save employers time and money with their focus primarily on interviewing only qualified candidates. The disadvantage of using this sourcing method is that the employer can become overwhelmed with referrals that may or may not be qualified applicants. Another disadvantage that I have personally had with them is that they do not carefully screen all applicants. Right now jobs are hard to find, so when someone walks into the ESC , the specialist are trying to give the jobseekers hope that they may qualify.
Lastly, using a recruiting agency would be a good “quick fix” to find a Manager. I think that using an agency is a good solution if the organization is in bind. I would only use this method if I had exhausted all others. An advantage to using an agency is that they can provide candidates with the skills and education that the position requires. The agency will pre-screen all candidates and lessen the load for the employer. Using an agency does provide one advantage that no other sourcing method provides, and that is the opportunity