Essay on Recruitment & Selection Case Study

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CONTENT * Acknowledgements * Executive summery * Assumptions * Annexure 01. * Identify and analyze the Issues involved in the case * Annexure 02. * How would you handle Mr.Benjamin’s situation * Annexure 03. * Discuss the conclusion of the case * Annexure 04. * Recommend a sound Recruitment and Selection procedure for ABC Biscuit Company. * References


I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to all those who helped me directly and indirectly in completing this case study work. My special thanks to Ms.****** Lecture of Institute of ****** for guiding me right form the inception till the successful completion
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* As a foreign people Mr.Benjamin didn’t have any idea at least about the Sri Lankan Business environment. * Then ABC company should give proper Induction programme & Training programme for Mr.Benjamin Because he didn’t have any knowledge about Sales & Marketing field.


Mr. Benjamin who was appointed as the Sales and Marketing Manager is not aware of his responsibilities and not set goals properly. Further, SMART goals & objectives should be set and communicated to him. Whatever happened up to now, SMART goals should be set to Mr. Benjamin and needs to evaluate after the end of the six months. If he fails to achieve, * His probation should be extended in another three months time and such extension of probation should be communicated to him in writing * HR Should be evaluating his performance monthly wise & should give him to proper advice. * Can give him to warning letters also about mention his bad performance in written. Even after the extended period, if he fails to perform, * . These extensions shall be communicated to Mr. Benjamin in a tactful manner as this may lead to further de - motivation and dissatisfaction * Management can demote him & cutting his allowances and other benefits also. * Finally if there is no any benefits from him, should terminate