Recruitment and Selection Strategy Essay example

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Recruitment and Selection Strategy
“Harrison Corporation, a U.S.-based corporation with business units in Europe and South America, has recently decided to create a business unit focusing on expansion into Central America. As a low-cost producer of discount office supply products, the company will continue producing products at the existing facilities, or purchased from existing suppliers. This unit primarily focuses on marketing and delivery of products to two groups of customers: corporate customers, retail, and consumers.
Currently, the organization markets primarily through the Internet and through catalogs mailed to businesses. To reach direct sales customers, such as retail and direct consumers, the company mails catalogs to homes
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The recruitments strategy sets the process in motion. It dictates “…where, and how to look for qualified applicants” (Heneman & Judge, 2009, p. 202). Determining the recruitment strategy is necessary to start the advertising process.
Harrison Corporation is well known among midsized business for selling good quality office products at reasonable prices. Their goal is to create a similar presence in Central America. As they set up their business in Costa Rica, they need to increase the number of employees. To do so they want to attract candidates with some knowledge of their products.

Relevant labor market (must include discussion of home country versus host country staffing for each position)
Relevant Labor Markets
Determining the key requirements for the positions will help determine the best candidates. Candidates who are bilingual in Spanish and English are necessary because Harrison Corporation is operating in the United States and Central America. The other key requirements are a bachelor’s degree, strong communication skills, experience in marketing, strong analytical skills, and independent as well as self-motivated.
Because the company’s interest in recruiting the best candidates, separating domestic and international recruiting practices is necessary. This is because different means are more common in different cultures. The United States is using technology in recruitment practices. Internet advertisements or banners are also