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Part 1
Recycline could leverage its vendors for recyclable products into a marketing campaign by repositioning how consumers think about green products. As it was explained in the video, many people think that in order to buy a green product, you would have to sacrifice something: it doesn’t last as long, it doesn’t deliver benefits as well, it’s more expensive, ect. For example, take the sacrifice of green products being more expensive. This would be, most likely, an aspect associated with income segmentation. Recycline could reposition this idea by emphasizing its partnership with the vendor Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is known for having a low-cost competitive advantage. Wal-Mart itself is actually repositioning. They are running ads about the quality of their produce. They are trying to not only be seen as low-cost, but also as a quality retailer ( Recycline could help with Wal-Mart’s repositioning as Wal-Mart could help with Recycline’s. Another market segment Recycline could appeal to is the benefit segment. The fact that not only are Recycline’s products green, but also durable would most likely appeal to the benefit segmentation. You don’t have to give up quality for green.

Part 2
Recycline could not only market themselves to consumers, but they could market themselves to other businesses. One strategic alliances they may want to consider are businesses that sell and distribute vending machines. Vending machines are found in so many different types of businesses firms as…