Recycling: Advertising and Better Results Essay

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Comparing and contrasting advertisements in the 50s and advertisements today
Advertising in the 1950s was very different to the advertising we have today. Technology has improved over the past 60 years and there has been a big change in how goods are promoted. Back in the 1950s there was not a lot of colour, and it was more expensive to sell a product whereas today there are lots of places to display the ads such as YouTube, billboards, magazines and television etc. Today different companies come up with better ways of selling products and how to improve them to get better results for the consumers. In this essay I will be talking about the cost, media/colour and product comparison.
The cost to make a TV advertisement is hugely reliant on a variety of factors such as which channels, the length of the ad is and what time of day it is broadcast. In the 50s the ad would be broadcast mostly around dinner when the parents had finished work and were coming home. Because television stopped broadcasting at 10pm there would be no advertising after that time at night. But now you can watch television at any time and ads will come up one after the other.
Before coloured television was invented you could only get black and white images which were in shades of grey. On June 25, 1951, CBS broadcast the very first commercial colour TV program. Unfortunately, nearly no one could watch it on their black-and-white televisions. Then in the start of the 1960s to the 1970s televisions were able to display coloured images because of the enormous