Recycling and China Essay

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Recycling in China and Australia At the dawn of 21st century ,resources
shortage is becoming more and more serious.Recycling is an effective way to
help human lesson this pressure.As we all know 2000 Sydney Olympic Games
and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were both green Olympic and did well in
recycling.Though there are some differences between China and Australia
such as how to collect recyclable materials,education related to
recycling,recyclable resources,and recycling strategies,they have a common
opinion in developing recycling farming. China and Australia collect
recyclable materials in quite different way. In China ,there are recyclable
and non-recyclable bins for people to classify rubbish.Many Chinese
,however,will sell used paper ,magazines,old furniture,and glass bottle to
collectors who are usually riding a tricycle with a sign around the
neighbourhood.In contrast, before garbage truck pick up rubbish family in
Australia will classify it into three different bins which for paper
,glasses and other rubbish respectively .Every 2 or 3 months, council will
deliver booklet in the Australia household's letter box, collecting staff
like garden rubbish, and old furniture etc. Chinese people always sell the
part of the rubbish which they think is valuable and discard the rest while
Australian will classify all the waste they produce responsibly. Australia
and China also show the differences in recycling education.Australian
students get the knowledge of recycling through the way such as designing a
recycling house,doing a research instead of rote memory.In China knowledge
associated with recycling can be found in Chemistry,Biology,and Geography
text books,but it is not practical enough.For instance,Chinese students may
know what chemical should be added through the water purifying process, how
to react ,what substance will form ,even can immediately write down
accurate balanced chemical equation, but they do not exactly know whether
plastic package belong to recycled or non-recycled, which may not be a
tough question for Australian students.Compared with Australia ,China’s
education seems to more stress on recycling theory instead of actions.

There are also difference which exists in the recycling resources.Almost
all the Australian family recycled waste.The recycling rates of items like
plastic bags,waste paper,plastic paper are 93% on average. Under this
sufficient recycling sources,Australia mainly recycle its own waste
(Australian Bureau Of Statistics,2010.In stark contrast,less than 15% of
total rubbish was recycled in China(As Economy Grows,So Do China's Garbage
Woes,2009).In order to cater the increasing domestic needs China have to
import the recyclable paper from Europe and America.In 2006 the amount of
waste paper China imported increased 16.5 million tons,which is five times
more than the figure in 1996.(Hays 2011).In the light of different degree
of recycled rates Australia waste paper resources…