Recycling and East Flatbush Essay

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The borough of Brooklyn comes as diverse from ethnicity, culture,economic wealth, to living their everyday lives in their neighborhoods. Even though their are many differences I realized that there are some similarities as well . These similarities goes from community relations, unemployment rate, and those living under the poverty line. Two neighborhoods that share both these differences and similarities are East Flatbush and Park Slope. The racial diversity is both neighborhoods are not very diverse and are very different. In East Flatbush the main population is African American and in Park Slope those residing there are Caucasian. Even though the races are different now I notice that the population of Caucasian is rising. Both neighborhoods have a strong sense of community. I realized this in very different way in Park Slope people walked with their children and walk their dogs with others from the neighborhood and in East Flatbush you see people on their porches with neighbors in the stores gambling with each other. I even see children playing in parks in both neighborhoods. East Flatbush does not have the healthiest options. The food chain goes from Checkers, Subways, 7’ Eleven, Golden Crust, Chinese Food, Mexican Food, Popeyes, Burger King, Mc’ Donald’s, West Indian restaurants, two Caribbean markets and Key Food. These options are so differnet than Park Slope where they have many healthy stores, salad stores, Chinese and Mexican store, frozen yogurt shops and abundance of fresh fruit shops. Even though this can be seen as a downfall in East Flatbush in both neighborhoods you will see people exercising in order to stay healthy. In Park Slope you will see residents running around the block and in East Flatbush you will see people in the park exercising or running around Holy Cross cemetery. The housing occupancy is very similar as well. Majority of the housing if not all are taken up and you can tell by the amount of people you see on the street on any given basis. Park Slope housing is higher by a few hundred than East Flatbush. From seeing real-estate stores pricing went from $1,500 for a one bed room and up and in East Flatbush a room would go for rent for $900. Residents in both neighborhood have the ability to live comfortable in their neighborhoods because they obtain a salary that accommodates their living situation. Transportation…