Recycling and Gemini Geek Essay

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Janelle Keyandwy
English 102.19
1 November 2012
Green Life Recycling does not seem like an important problem in this world right now considering what’s going on with Hurricane Sandy and the shootings on I-96. What people do not understand is that not recycling properly will effect our environment in the long run. It is out of pure laziness that people do not recycle, especially at work places. The problem that is happening is that these garbage men do not know that you are not recycling correctly so therefore they are putting recyclable items into the dump hills and it is not disintegrating correctly like it should be. There needs to be a change in the policies of how people recycle on a day-to-day basis so this environment can stay clean. Also the great lakes are in a lot of hurt with pollution. If people would recycle and put it where it belongs, less would end up in our Great Lakes. I think it’s important that people keep our Great Lakes clean so that people can continue enjoying what they have to offer. Paper and cardboard should be placed in a different box than plastics and metals. It was making it more difficult for the people to pick up, now a days they will just sticker the containers and leave it. It has been said that plastic bags are not something to be recycled. For this reason, they are being taken to the recycling plant and the bags began to wrap around the conveyer belt and causes difficulties with the machines. Also, they are saying greasy pizza boxes being recycled are also causing degrades on the machinery because the grease becomes slick, that coats the equipment and makes it hard to get off (Burns 9). With this already occurring in Saginaw, MI means these laws and regulations are going to be spread around other counties and hopefully enforce these laws correctly so we can see a positive result in our environment. The solution of the punishment of not recycling is an amazing start to decrease pollution because others will just add on to the punishment and make it more severe; consider more fines, and considerable jail time. Recycling correctly can make the world a better place for plants and animals. Paper products consistently getting recycled can in the long run, save a large number of trees that might be used to make new paper. Trees provide homes for birds and other animals, they provide shad for what would otherwise be a hot and dry land, and they are crucial to the oxygen/carbon dioxide balance in our atmosphere. Recycling can never have a negative effect on the world (Gemini Geek 2). The goal for this solution would be to reduce the possibility of cutting down trees to save the shade and area where the trees are for the animals that use this environment to survive on a day-to-day basis. Some people do not think that recycling is that important; until it comes down to the food we eat on a regular basis. Recycling can help the environment in its natural state so that animals can survive. Putting mercury in our water is already making us avoiding eating fish but the fish