Recycling and New Plastic Continent Essays

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10) Consumerism and Trash
Purposeful waste is unnecessary. Unfortunately, some individuals purposefully waste resources and create trash as a sort of entertainment or recreational pursuit. Others do not yet realize the harm in excessive waste and unnecessary trash, and still others probably do not care. The fact is, extra waste is ugly and expensive - it drives prices up and takes more man hours to discard.
My specific annoyance is those folks that create trash and litter in the expectatioon that others will clean up after them. Be that as it may, not only do we have a new plastic continent in the Pacific Ocean, made up of plastic trash, but some of the streets in Chinese cities are so littlered with plastic bags, that one cannot see the sidewalks. Animals in Alaska are beign strangled by plastic trash discarded 10,000 miles away. A few American cities have begun to charge for plastic bags at the grocery and other cities have outlawed these bags altogether.
A reduction in trash and an assocaited increase in green living would increase the quality of life for large numbers of people.

“Eco-Luxury, as sustainable design is being embraced by the Luxury brands, their influence will accelerate the current eco-friendly movement throughout the industry. It will translate into additional materials used in window presentation and visual merchandising initiatives. With luxury brands committing to cut their paper consumption, redesigning packaging to 100% recyclable paper and