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Unit two: Principles of providing administrative services


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Name:Lenka Danihelova

Section 1 – Understand how to make and receive telephone calls

1. Complete the table below with descriptions of at least two different features of a telephone system and how / when they would be used.

|Feature |How / when used |
|1. Answerphone |Is useful when u are out of the office or busy, Answerphone |
| |answering and recording all messages left by caller’s. Difference |
| |between voicemail and answerphone is Voicemail, is centralized or |
| |networked system that performs a similar function, the Answerphone |
| |must be established in the premises of the user - and integrated |
| |into the user's phone. |
|2. Call log |Usually achieved by pressing a button on the keyboard and display |
| |the last incoming and outgoing calls |
| | |
| | |

2. Prepare a brief report advising people on:

• How to follow organisational procedures when making and receiving telephone calls • The purpose of giving a positive image of yourself and your organisation when making and receiving telephone calls.

If possible, use specific information from procedures in your own organisation (or one that you are familiar with).

- Always use company procedures and policies for telephone calls when in use or to create a personal one for you to use to Introduce yourself or business – Always introduce yourself. - Use company settled welcome message, or create a personal one to use to introduce yourself or business. - Whenever we are calling on behalf of an organization must be professional, decent - Prepare the call forward- content of call, the information which we want to give or get. - Always we are responsible for maintaining the reputation of the company - Try to make positive experience -

Introducing in my company

Receiving call

Hi Lenka from Starbucks Old Street. How can I help u. …..

Make call

Hi Lenka from Starbucks Old Street, ….

Section 2 – Understand how to handle mail

1. Explain the purpose of correctly receiving, checking and sorting mail and packages (both incoming and outgoing).

Incoming Mail:

Is important that all correspondence was delivered to the correct location, the correct procedure of receiving, checking and sorting of mail is