Recycling: Recycling and Provisional Thesis Statement Essay

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Recycling that makes sense My provisional thesis statement is "Because you place your recyclables in a curbside bin, does not guarantee they will be recycled." I used a non-discriminatory approach to my research strategy. Initially my big idea was against townships who do not offer their residents the option to recycle. Since townships are small in population size, the resident needs to hire an independent contractor to haul their garbage. Only through this independent contractor is the option to recycle possible, if you want curbside pickup. If the resident does not contract an independent garbage hauler, and they wish to recycle; the resident must load their recyclables into their car and drive to the closest recycle pick up facility. I claim my research strategy as non-discriminatory because I am pro recycling; however, research shows recycling does not provide equal benefits for all situations. Using this strategy, I was able to find actual information which shows results which prove my thesis statement; as much as I'd like to prove otherwise, this is simply not the case. Instead of looking for the information I wanted to find, using this approach provided me with real world results. I know my position will face criticism from environmentalists. This is the biggest challenge I will face when I pitch my thesis. It is important that my position on recycling is clear; which is, I am not against recycling; however, I am for recycling which makes a positive impact on the environment. If I pitched my thesis to an audience, I would show actual results which were concluded from real situation statistics. Statistics which show curbside recycling does not guarantee those materials will ever make it to the recycler. Placing the recycle bin fosters a