Red Badge Char Analysis Essay

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Alvin Saju Period 8 He in the beginning of the story is ambitious because of his desire to become a war hero. He wanted to display his courage in warfare and be honored and revered brave. Throughout the story he is very self-conscious because is concerned about how he is perceived by other based on his cowardice or bravery in battle. He wanted to make sure he wasn’t ashamed as a soldier. An example would be when he heard about his regiment being insulted he became enraged and wanted prove them otherwise. Based on what people say about him he is brave and outstanding in battle. Based on his actions he is cowardly because he ran away from battle because of the fear of bloodshed and death. Based on his action amidst battle, he is persistent since he didn’t back down in the conflict within the trees Henry is very self-loathing because he consistently beat himself up when he didn’t help the wounded man get to safety. He shows his caring side because in the beginning of the story he said that he wanted to return and help his mother as well as his actions that helped his friend Wilson and Jim. He reveals his low self-esteem which is revealed by him saying that he was acting cowardly in battle. He needs to be approved by others in order to be self-satisfied with his own character. This was proven through his need to check with others to see if they would have ran away from battle like he wanted to. He wanted to find someone had felt the same way as he did about the…