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The Red Badge of Courage is a good novel. The book is concerning a young man leaving to go into the military during the times of the Civil War. Henry Fleming is the key character of this great piece of literature work. He is an intelligent inexperienced young man, enthusiastic to experience the beauty of war. He rapidly learns the truth about war that he was expecting would not happen. He wonders if he will be courageous when faced with combat. The story shows how Henry is put on a voyage of self-discovery, as he struggles with his sense of right and wrong and re-examines his opinions about war, companionship, courage, and life. The writer uses Henry’s experiences to inform the story of bravery. As he encountered dead bodies he looked at how he let his fear to paralyze him. He was confronted by his Sergeant with an order to fight, and he refused because he was afraid of battle. Henry began to look at unusual examples of his fear and anxiety, and how if he didn’t find the courage to fight, He will become causality like the dead bodies he’s seen. He was able to find the courage he needed to live.
On February 22, 1861A great piece of literature written during this era is Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address given at Independence Hall. His address spoke to his courage. He used his literature and His voice to speak to liberty and trust for mankind. His literature obviously expressed how He was disturbed by the treatment of the enslavement of people. When I read his Address, I felt that this literature could hold true for the Civil War Era and for today.
Another writer found in the article, The Civil War’s Impact on American Literature, Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin" on March 20, 1851. According to the