Essay on Red Barron versus Tombstone Flanking Strategy

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Frozen Pizza - Red Barron vs Tombstone
Pizza has been a favorite food for several decades. Influenced by 18th and 19th century Italy, today’s modern pizza is a flatbread with tomato sauce and cheese. However, since the mid-nineteenth century, food manufacturers have been providing frozen pizza to the consumer in an effort the snatch a portion of the pizza market and expand their product offerings. Frozen pizza provides a less time-consuming option of this satisfying sustenance to students around the world. The most effective way to achieve this goal is demographically and increased market presence.
Red Barron, leader of the frozen pizza market share, was launched in the 1970s by Schwan Food Company. As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Tombstone pizza company, I have been looking at our competition to determine how best to establish a bigger foot-hold on the frozen pizza market. We are currently available in 30 US states and internationally. Our products can be found in most US grocery and convenience stores. Our parent company is Nestlé Foods since January 5, 2010 when we were sold by Kraft Foods.
According to just this year, Red Barron’s revenue for 2015 is $380.3 million while Tombstone’s revenue yield is $308.9 million. DiGiorno, a sister brand to Tombstone, is currently ranked first in 2015 revenues at $957.3 million. As CMO, I am charged with laying out a new marketing campaign that will catapult our product past Red Barron and closer to the overall market leader.
In the first phase, It is important that we gather demographic information for the teen and twenty-something age groups and college/university cities and towns. Pending the results of this research, new updated advertising will be designed to give these age groups a product that will not be forgotten despite long study hours or short sleep.