Red Bridge Essay

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The red bridge
One day John and I decided to explore the empty house on Ridge Street .When we arrived the whole place was quiet and creepy, John said to me “let’s go inside now as it seems nobody is around.” I nodded in agreement, so up the front path we went when all of a sudden the large wooden front door swung open and just as fast slammed shut. We both jumped, and half turned as if to run away .John laughed nervously, “ha “I said, and then I whispered, “It must have been the wind”. We walked towards the door and stopped, for a few moments we both stared at the door neither of use daring to touch the door knob. John said, “Well we only live once, let’s go in, “John opened the door, we both stepped into the passage the same time. “Something is weird “said John .I then noticed what he was looking at, there was wires all over the place, leading to square things on the wall. As John was going to touch won wires a voice from behind us shout, “Get out of there, and run for your lives!” Moments later we found ourselves running down the path, when all of a sudden an explosion occurred behind us, we were both blown to the floor by the blast. Pieces of wood rained down on us for a while, when things went quiet I stood up, there was clouds of smoke where the house was. Burning pieces of wood were everywhere, where is John I thought, I looked around and there he was, getting up and dusting himself down. We both looked at each other and said, “what in the world happened there”, a