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Executive Summary
This report is for research and analysis of performance of Red Bull Operation Company in Australian market.
The Part A is about how six macro environmental forces impacting the company’s environment in industry, company, product and brand areas. Red Bull has succeeded to develop marketing approaches for the Australian market and consider different macro environmental factors with demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural.
Part B is Red Bull to defined Australian market by customers, competitor and Demography. Then analysis the how’s situation of development of Australian market, and digital age and sustainable development could influence the growth of the market. There are three market segmentation could help for Red Bull more effective in the market, which are Demographic, Behaviour and Geographic. The target market of Red Bull is male with age between 18 and 35 years old. These customers live in cities and they may be students, athletes, professionals and drivers.
Part C is analysis Red Bull’s advantage and disadvantage compared competitors, and it is also predict their marketing strategy by different type of market groups, such leader, challenger, follower and nicher. Red Bull as challenger of the market has to learn more from the leader.
Part D is about search differentiation of Red Bull by product and image of brand and how it can be competitive advantages. Red Bull develop “stress marketing” strategy, the “Wings team’s” has the role to get relationship with customers by talking with them about product and convey information from them. Red Bull would like to maintain prices relative similar and high compared the rest of the Energy Drinks industry.Red Bull positioning statement is provided most valuable energy drink for customers with highset price. For flavors and packages, providing more flavors can bring more attractive packages and stimulate consumer confidence which is beneficial for the development of a company. The Red Bull value positiona is providing the best product with higher price, also the cost is expensive.

1. Induction
In recent years, more and more people would like to have energy drinks to replenish necessary power to catch the quick pace of life and work. Based on the demand, there are a large number of energy drinks in the market, particularly in Australian market. This report focuses on a world famous brand, Red bull, to analyze its current marketing situation. The purpose of this research was first to carry out how the marc environmental factors influenced Red bull. The second aim was to look at the segmentation of the company. On top of that, the next aim was to get out the Red bull’s competitors’ goals, strategies, strengths and weaknesses and discuss the competitive position in the whole market in Australia. All in all, the final purpose is find Red bull’s value proposition by using positioning map and perceptual map. According to the results of this paper, some related recommendation will be given in the end.

2. Body
2.1 Part A Influence factors of macro environment
2.1.1 Demographic
In Australia market, the youth people being the major consumers and also bring a peaked of the consumption of Energy Drink in recent years. The age from 16 to 45 all enjoy Energy Drinks which can improve their effective of the work, study and sports.
The operation of the Red Bull in Australia was located in Sydney, which city is the most population and economic city in Australia, and the most population of Australian was distributed on the Australia East Coast. The location of company could benefit for marketing research and better to understand the feature of demand.
For different level of age structure and consumers, Red Bull published different types of products. Red Bull sugar free and Red Bull zero for older clients and Red Bull Edition of younger clients. (Red Bull site, Products) In