Analysis Of Sophie's 'Invincible'

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Sophie’s life outside the castle was one to be desired. Having money and getting what she wanted was never a struggle. Typically for others, life consisted of working and the hardships of just keeping food on the table for their families. Sophie never experienced this hardship as she was from a family of great wealth and nobility. It was for this reason that she was free to pursue her passion as a dancer. She had seen first hand just how devastating the plague was, though it didn’t change her mind about how disgusted she was by it. She blamed it on the people, the people who were bleeding out in front of her eyes, through their own. She blamed it on their behavior. She blamed it on their lifestyle, their cleanliness, and their obvious lack of hygiene. To her it was their fault; they did not take the precautions necessary to stay healthy. She knew how to avoid the plague; she made her appearance and her health a top priority. She was young and didn’t know any better, and in her mind she was untouchable. All throughout town there was talk about the prince inviting families from far and wide to come and stay with him with a promise that he would keep all within his walls safe from the sickness. Sophie had no doubts that she would be invited, as her talents as a dancer were known throughout the land. As expected she came home to an invite sitting right on her very own doorstep. Picking it up and walking inside she prepared for the dazzling new life that awaited her. When the day finally came and she was walking up to the gates of the castle, she took the time to notice the marvelous structures of the building. It was glum and gloomy outside, but an aura of positive energy beamed from the architecture of the castle like a warm fire; it was a place everyone wanted to be. Taking her own tour of the place she went into each room inspecting the colors and layouts, taking it all in. The room that was the most interesting to her was the green room. This entire room was filled with different greens. Just beautiful and full of energy not one thing was mismatched. The curtains fell all the way down to the ground upon a detailed and unorganized patterned rug. Lines and spirals out of control with no order. Also placed on the rug was a tripod table with a little green candle