Red Hair and Ariel Essay

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Ariel stood in front of the full length mirror and evaluated the dress she now had on. The dress was a silky baby blue that seemed to hug her frame delicately, and complemented her red hair nicely. She had to admit, she really liked the dress but she didn’t dare make a decision like this one without her best friend. “Hey Jessica, do you think this dress looks alright? It’s not too blue or anything?” The red head asked as she turned to model for her best friend. “No it actually looks really great on you, I think Eric is going to love it.” Jessica teased as she gave Ariel a wicked grin and looked at herself in the mirror, deciding on whether she should buy the red dress that she now had on. The comment, however, was enough to change Ariel’s calm demeanor into one with blushing and stuttering. “No way, I mean he hasn’t even asked me out or anything yet.” Ariel spoke the words with a small smile as she retreated back into her dressing room to take the dress off
Currently, they were both looking for dresses for the up and coming Prom, which they also didn’t really have dates for. However, with a bit of persuasion Ariel had gotten a guy to ask out her best friend which was great for Jessica but not so great for Ariel. She definitely wasn’t having the best of luck in that department which meant that she was going to have to find someone fast because she certainly didn’t want to show up to the dance by herself and be humiliated for the rest of her high school career. After she shopping trip both of the girls had found their dream dresses and proceeded to purchase them They were both ready to have the time of their lives that Saturday and all Ariel had to do was to ask out her dream guy, Eric, before anyone else could.
The next day at school Ariel spotted him and called out to him. “Hey Eric, wait up!” Ariel called out to the jock and jogged over to him, a gentle smile tugging at the corners of her lips. “Oh hey Ari, what’s up?” The tall boy asked as he looked down at her. His black hair swept just above his blue eyes and his football jersey hugged is chest tightly. “Well I was thinking, maybe if you didn’t have a date to prom yet then we could go together? I mean only if you aren’t going with someone already.” Ariel bit the inside of her lip as she looked up at her crush. She was really hoping that he would say yes but by the expression on his face Ariel could already tell that he had another date.
“Oh you know I’m sorry, you see Vanessa already asked me out the other day so we’re going together. But hey what about senior prom?” Ariel didn’t even respond to the question before she felt her feet moving out from under her. She couldn’t even think about where she was going all she knew was she had to get out of there and she had to find Jessica. She ran towards the girls’ bathroom, the students around her blurring from the tears that were pooling at her eyes. She was utterly humiliated as she entered the small bathroom and quickly went into one of the stalls, shitting and locking the door behind her. She could have really used a friend in that moment, and lucky for her, she had Jessica on speed dial.
As Ariel called her friend the line went straight to voicemail, it seemed as if Jess didn’t want anything to do with her friend’s silly problems at the moment. That just made Ariel even more upset as she sat in the bathroom and cried her eyes out. She waited in there, staring at the deep blue walls as she wished the bell would ring so she could just go home and be dome with all the drama. In the next five minutes she heard the bell ring as she made her way out of the stalls but not