Essay about Red Lotus and Thousand &One Nights

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Syree Davis
Nov. 1 2012

The Red Lotus of Chastity and The Thousand and One Nights

The females in The Red Lotus of Chastity and The Thousand and One Nights struggled against ideas of chastity that were created by a male dominated society. They had to over come the cultural ideals of what women should be and do. Devasmita and Shahrazad both decided to take matters into their own hands and not fall to male authority or their tricks. The themes of these novels are the feminine empowerment, loyalty and devotion.
The women of these novels showed feminine empowerment. Although they had obstacles that could have over come them they still stood against them and showed that females can be strong and independent too.
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Jealousy rose from the story's of another man cheating in the temple. She finally decided to let him go once receiving the red lotus that symbolized feminine empowerment, and female characteristic. This gave her the ability to let him leave and stay loyal and devoted to him. Although the merchants son's were put up to no good and make her cheat on her husband she would not. She kept up the household and even was intelligent enough to find out their true intentions and even was able to bring their plans to light. These females strong willed and very smart. Although society was based on males points of views they didn't let this discourage them they still decided to teach themselves and prove they were strong enough. The chastity was not just not the virgin or sexual aspect but the overall devotion, having the power to say no and fight (feminine empowerment) and being loyal. All these contributed to the conflict of the novels which was the females overpowering the male society and deciding not to listen. This was a big step for the females especially in a all male society that was built up by males. In the end they overcame what cultural ideals were of females and did this by not listen to the male society and that they were more than just to be in the house working but could be educated and in some situations could out wit the males in their society. This gave them the power to do what they wanted not only were they intelligent they were independent.