Red Nose Day By Parents And Carers

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Red Nose Day Friday 15th March 2013

Dear Parents and Carers

Friday the 15th March is Red Nose Day and the school community will be supporting this event by having a mufti day. Each student is asked to pay £1 for the privilege of wearing their own clothes on the day; the £1 will be collected on Tuesday the 12th of March. Some students have requested to come in themed pyjamas/onesies, to which we have agreed, but we need to be absolutely clear that such garments must be decent and suitable to be worn all day; any student who arrives indecently attired will be asked to go home to change.

We will also be holding several fun events at break and lunchtime. Could we please ask that students bring some small change into school on the day, so that they can make donations and take part in the events? Lessons will run as normal on the day, so it is important that students bring all the necessary books and equipment as normal.

In the past, such events have proved to be great fun for all the school community and together, we have raised significant funds for the Red Nose charity. We look forward to an equally successful day this year.

Events during the day will be: 7.30am: Comedy film in the school hall.

Break time: Wicked Wigs and bad hairdos competition. Prizes for the wackiest hair styles. Win a massive Easter egg!

Break time: Super hero fancy dress competition.