Red Riding Hood Play Analysis

Words: 1576
Pages: 7

The play opens during the day time. Jack and Red Riding Hood are hiding in the bushes outside a wolf’s home.

RH: [with a hushed voice] Look, here he comes. Are you ready?
JACK: I’m not so sure about this Red. I mean how do we even know it’s the right wolf?
RH: [Irritated] We’ve gone through this a million times. It’s not wrong to beat up the bad guys. Somebody needs to teach them a lesson. Somebody needs to stand up against these bullies. The pigs said the wolf had a white patch of hair on his right ear, that’s how we’ll know it’s him.
JACK: What if they were lying? There are always two sides to a story you know.
RH: Wolves are inherently bad. Trust me. If he isn’t guilty of this, he definitely did something else.
JACK: Last time we
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You have become the bully instead. [Aside to the audience, as he is walking over the stage, away from Red Riding Hood] So I’m guessing you are all wondering what absurd events inspired two youngster to go vigilante wolf hunting. Well, it all started exactly six months ago after Red Riding Hood lost her grandmother. The sheriff’s report read, “turned to fairy dust – due to natural causes”. After all, poor grandma Hood, bless her soul was nearly ninety years old. It was a terrible loss for the entire Fairyland. But Red took the news the hardest. After all, she had no other family left. To make matters worse, she was at the house that night. Now Red Riding Hood is one of the most logical and reasonable people I, Jack Bean has ever met. But since that fateful day, she has changed. She kept on saying that a wolf ate grandma Hood and that the dust they found was fake. She even claimed that he bought it from the black market. Poor soul. Knowing that loss can be hard to deal with I’ve tried my very Bean best. I have been accompanying her on these little missions, trying to get rid of all these [with big hand gestures] “big bad wolves”. But honestly, I think she is just in denial and I am only enabling her.
[exit JACK]
RH: [muttering to herself while watching the wolf from the bush] I can do this without Jack. He was just dead weight anyway.
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But the world doesn’t work on maybes. It works on the here and now and the decisions we make in them. And you made the decision to come back for me. So thank you [hugs JACK].
JACK: [taken aback, then smiles] It feels good to have my friend back. You know, growing beans all day can be pretty boring when you don’t have an adventurous friend to brighten up the day.
RH: Well I think after tonight I am retiring from adventure for a while.
JACK: [laughs] At least for the night.
RH: I hope we get there in time. If we don’t they might never believe us and then they will through you in Grimm’s House with me.
JACK: Ha! If they had any sense at all they would keep us as far away from each other as possible. We would drive them insane, for real.
RH: True story. Look there’s the dock. Can you see any containers?
JACK: Not yet. But I see some head lights catching up with us.
RH: Good. I can just imagine the surprise on their faces. They’re chasing the wrong felons. But they are about to finally find out the truth….I hope.
JACK: Don’t worry Red, I won’t leave you again. We will fight this one side by side. Promise.
RH: [fist bumps JACK]. Mice, you can stop in front of that warehouse. I don’t want them to see us. Then you make sure the police finds us.
MOUSE 1: Ay ay! Got it.
JACK: Let’s rock and roll.
[The carriage