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When reading this poem you see there could be many explanations and meaning to this story. This poem, “The Red Wheelbarrow,” tells about how everything depends upon the wheelbarrow and the importance of it. This story is short but can be told in many ways. When I read this I picture it as someone in the house staring outside the window looking onto the yard, watching the rain fall down to the ground. Then they notice the wheelbarrow and how shiny it looks because of the water falling down onto it and how the chickens are surrounding it. When reading the first two lines of the poem the writer tells us that “so much depends upon,” he is setting the tone for the rest of the poem. He is saying that everything on the farm or wherever the story is taking place, they need the wheelbarrow to be able to do all the chores, house work, etc. and to keep everything going and get the job done. For instance, feeding the white chickens it is placed beside. The wheelbarrow could also be used for carrying around hay bells, piles of dirt, wood, etc. The wheelbarrow symbolizes the main piece of material that puts everything together. Next he talks about how the wheelbarrow is “glazed with rain water.” When he talks about it being “glazed,” he is implying it to be sparkly and shiny, like it has just been bought brand new and never been used. This shows that it is not old or used because it would have stated that it is rusted and makes it seem like it was old. Also the color being red also helps put that it’s not old because again if it wasn’t red the wheelbarrow would be brown or black from being rusted over the years. The color red cold also show how it represent the hard work of the men who use it as they put in all their blood and sweat from all the hours they