Redneck Sleeping Beauty Essay

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Redneck Sleeping Beauty
In a distant land called Hog Pen Prairie there lived King Jed and Queen Daisy May in their huge hunting lodge. They wanted nothing more than to have a child of their own. After years of trying Queen Daisy May finally had a beautiful baby girl who they named Princess Elly May. The king and queen planned a christening that was to be magnificent. The king and Queen also picked 3 fairies to be Princess Elly May’s godmothers. Their names were Pearl, Jethrine, and Jane. Each fairy was to give her a gift, talent, or virtue that would make of a perfect child. Pearl was going to give her the talent of the perfect shot with a bow and a rifle. Jethrine was going to give her the eye of an eagle so she could spot any animal that was near. Jane decided that she was going to wait until later on that night to give her the gift because she still needed some time to think. After the christening everybody went back to the hunting lodge where there was a feast of freshly fried back strap, mashed potatoes and gravy, home grown tomatoes and okra, and homemade rolls and cornbread. All the fairies had special plates, forks, knives, and spoons made from deer antlers. As they were sitting down to begin the feast an old mean fairy came down the hallway and into the dining room. Her name was Malificent. She was mad because she had not been invited or chosen to be one of the godmothers. She was outraged and began to mutter threats. Jane heard her so she tried to hide Princess Elly May. The evil fairy found them and cursed the helpless little princess. The curse that she cast was that on her sixteenth birthday she

Morris 2 will cut her finger on the arrow of a bow and die. Jane was glad that she had not used up her wish yet so she can do what she can to reverse Malificent’s curse. Since Malificent is an older fairy she cannot completely change the curse but she gave her the wish of falling into a deep sleep instead of dying when cut. The only way she can be awakened is if her true love kills a big 12 point buck that is at least 19 inches wide. The king ordered everyone in the lodge to gather all the bows and arrows to be burned that night and anyone seen hunting with one would be severely punished. To protect Princess Elly May from Malificent her three godmothers took her to Boone’s Prairie out in No Man’s Land. They already had a double wide trailer set up for them to live in. When they all got to the trailer the fairies put their wands up in a special place so that Malificent could not track where their magic was coming from. The fairies set everything in the house up just right for Princess Elly May. The fairies were excited that they will see how raising a child without any help is like. They started off by calling her Maybelle so that if anyone saw her or heard her they would not know that she is the princess. The fairies tried to keep her as sheltered as they could by telling her to not talk to anyone that she sees, never let her go to town, and only letting her use a rifle when she went hunting. She was also homeschooled by Pearl while Jethrine and Jane did the cooking and cleaning.
For the first ten years of Princess Elly May’s life she was content with who was and how she was being raised. She would go hog hunting every weekend, while it was deer season she would hunt with a rifle, and while it was bird and duck season she would hunt with a shotgun. One day she kept asking her godmothers why she was never able to be go anywhere or do Morris 3 anything with other like the people in the books that she read. They told her that they were trying to protect her so that does not get hurt. She was understanding about it all but she kept telling them that she wanted to go somewhere. The fairies went in another room to talk about it and they decided that they were going to let her go to town and buy the groceries. The fairies went into the living room and told her what…