Reducing Communication Barriers Essay

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Communication Barriers Paper

Pamela Perry

BUS600: Management Communications with Technology Tools (MOA1521A)

Instructor: James Ziegler

June 29, 2015

Reducing Communication Barriers

In an effort to reduce communications barriers it is imperative to remember to whom the message is being delivered. According to the (2011) the tone of voice in which one uses to communicate to the receiver should not be too loud, not too soft, nor too much inflection which makes you appear overly emotional. In my industry one can be very passionate about what he or she believes is the best course of action to take when it comes to completing a given task and completing that task on time. I have found that not everyone will receive what is being relayed with open arms. Meaning, each person has a talent that contributes to the overall team. However, at the same time each one wants and précises instructions and information quite differently. There are those whom must be shown how to do something. There are those whom prefer to read it in writing and then again there are those whom you can tell them what needs to be done and they do it.
To become a part of my business each person is given what is called a talent plus. Talent plus simply tells you what are the strong/weak characteristics of that individual. These characteristics are how we govern our actions whether verbal or non-verbal to communicate to each one as individuals.
To become a more effective communicator as stated by Mayo Clinic (2011), “Consider the other…