Essay Reducing Domestic Violence

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One of the most large-scale and complex problems America deals with each year is that of domestic violence. This crime is one in which leaves the victim (statistically more common a female) filled with fear, anxiety, and shame; feelings that one should not have to feel. Yet as America progresses through time, no one solution has been proven to significantly reduce the ongoing domestic violence occurrence. However, the potential for lowering the number of domestic violence occurrences is present, but first solutions for reducing this problem have to be found such as the creation of community based programs, increased censorship in television, administering treatment to potential perpetrators, and enforcing more harsh penalties. In a …show more content…
Waiting until after domestic violence has occurred to administer treatment is not as reasonable as solving the problem before it occurs. Lastly, a solution to reducing domestic violence involves better handling of the situation by law enforcement and by making the penalties more severe. When the police respond to a domestic violence call the perpetrator is apprehended, placed in jail for the night, and most of the time released the next day. This serves as a very weak way of dealing with obvious perpetrators because the victim (usually their wife) is forgiving by morning, therefore, not pressing charges. Instead, police should have charges automatically brought against the perpetrator and anger management classes made mandatory. Enacting the death penalty for perpetrators of domestic violence would surely reduce the number of cases America sees each year. Though this is not reasonable and just, the idea behind it would serve true if more severe penalties were created for those convicted of domestic violence. Doubling jail time, increasing the hours of anger management or therapy, and having to report to a corrections officer would all serve as more harsh penalties that would aid in reducing domestic violence. To reduce America's large-scale and complex problem of domestic violence, one needs to take part in finding solutions to avoid or lessen the problem altogether. It is