Reducing Risk of Serious Head Injuries with Helmets Essay

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Reassurance with Wearing Helmets

Wearing helmets may be the deciding factor between life and death and or even serious head injuries. Putting on a helmet is the single most effective way of reducing serious head injuries. Wearing a helmet can save your life and even save you money on having to make trips to the emergency room. Helmets should be worn by people who ride bikes of any kinds from motorcycles to bicycles and for those who play contact sports or different types of sports such as football, baseball, riding horses and so forth. Wearing a helmet is a very crucial safety precaution in prevention of head injuries associated with falls or physical contact. The main reason to wear a helmet is to protect your brains from damage in an unexpected impact. When riding a motorcycle you are exposing your whole body to all different types of serious injuries. In absence of a full face helmet you may face facial disfigurement by not having your face protected with a helmet. This might include the face smashing into and object or even the face sliding on the ground. A full face helmet provides the most protection on impact. Not only will a helmet save you from facial disfigurement but a helmet can also save you from serious head injuries. Putting on a helmet reduces the chances of death by 29% and are 67% effective in preventing brain injuries to riders. There are numerous studies showing by wearing a helmet you are better protected and safer while riding. Wearing a helmet can also save you from different kinds of eye disorders caused by wind hitting the eyes directly if they are unprotected. Another advantage of wearing a helmet is keeping dust and other objects in the air from hitting your face. At night by wearing a shinny reflection helmet could also save your life