Essay on Reducing Weather Related Accidents

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R B S Narayana, AM-II ( MO Mumbai )

Keywords: Aviation, Weather, Cockpit Systems

One of the important goal of providing met services to air navigation is l to reduce the fatal accident rate for aviation . it is important to develop technologies needed to meet this aggressive goal. Because weather has been identified as a causal factor in approximately 30% of all aviation accidents, a project for the development of technologies that will provide accurate, timely and intuitive information to pilots, dispatchers, and air traffic controllers to enable the detection and avoidance of atmospheric
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Information technology revolution is offering the next opportunity for major reductions in accident rates. Aviation weather is the one major variable that is not within the control of technology or aviation system planners. Thus, the optimal weather information system would tell us only what we need to know, allow us to go as close to hazardous weather as we could for maximum efficiency of flight, and yet not subject the aircraft or its passengers to conditions that would be hazardous or undesirable. The end objective would be real-time strategic and tactical weather information that could be used to separate aircraft from hazardous weather in the same way we separate aircraft from aircraft today. An Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association has indicated that 27% of general aviation accidents involve adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, 30% of these weather-related accidents resulted in fatalities; that is, one out of every twelve general aviation accidents was a fatal weather related accident. Poor pilot judgment was cited as a key factor in most weather-related accidents. “Deteriorating weather conditions are frequently the cause of changes in flight objectives. The pilot needs to know quickly where the weather is better and what to do to get there.”

4 Aviation Weather Information Systems

At its simplest, an aviation weather information system (Fig. below ) consists of weather products, a