Reduction of the London Fire Brigades budget and fire station closures Essay

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Reduction of the London Fire Brigades budget and fire station closures

The London fire brigade has had major cuts to its service like the metropolitan police service. The main reason for this is because fire deaths over the last few decades has heavily decreased due to more people being fire aware and having more fire safe equipment such as smoke alarms etc. Over 1,600 fire fighters have lost their jobs due to these cuts. The main reason for the cuts is that the fire brigade sets yearly targets which need to be met. With the amount of people who have knowledge on fire safety this means there are less fires which means that the targets set by the fire brigade cannot be met. So because of this they find the less used fire stations and either close the whole station or they will cut the amount of staff which work at that station by about 50%. The advantage of this is that the fire service will save money by not having to pay the wages of the firefighters who are not really being used or who are simply not needed. The disadvantage of this is they are doing this to many stations around the country not only London if this keeps happening if there was such a event as a fire disaster then there

will simply not be enough man power to deal with the blaze, also due to there being less staff it will take longer to get everything done at the station for the emergency which will then make things longer which will then increase the response time for the emergency which would severely