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Reed Elsevier
-in 1993 british publisher, Reed international merged with Elsevier Scientific Publishers to create Reed Elsevier
-broken down into three sections: Elsevier, LexisNexis and Reed business information
-Elsevier publishes journals and textbooks in scientific and medical fields. These are primarily used as educational tools for students in those fields.
-lexisnexis provides online archives legal documents through and news stories through www.
-“In October 2012, Reed Business Information, the periodical's owner, (formerly known as Reed-Elsevier, which had been parent to Cahner's Corp. in the United States) sold the publication [5] toPenske Media Corporation bought Variety from Reed Elsevier.”
-“In April 2010, George W. Slowik Jr., a former publisher of the magazine, purchased Publishers Weekly from Reed Business Information, under the company PWxyz”
-purchased publishers weekly, in 1985 sold it in 2010
Textbook is outdated refer to

BskyB british sky broadcasting
British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC is a British satellite broadcasting, broadband and telephone services company headquartered in London, with operations in the UK and Ireland

BBC British Broadcasting Communication
Founded: October 18, 1922, London, United Kingdom
John Reith defined the BBC’s role as "to bring the best of everything to the greatest number of homes"
1927 15 January - First running commentary on a sports event was a Rugby International match between England and Wales at Twickenham

-is a very popular tv channel in Italy, almost like our CTV.
Has many soap operas such as:( Beautiful
A place in the sun
Storm of Love
The secret
The three roses of Eve 2

Un posto al sole
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-it started a