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To help consumers utilize Walgreen products, the drugstore chain will start the first national advertising

campaign for Walgreens branded health and wellness products on Sunday. The campaign stresses the

cheapness and quality of the Walgreens brand products and uses the store’s 26,000 pharmacists as a

crux. Of 1,006 adults in the United States surveyed by Walgreens last year, 84 percent said they

purchased store-brand over-the-counter medications and 36 percent said they had increased their

purchases of store-brand products in the last year. Banner ads comparing Walgreens store brands to

name brands will also appear on the page devoted to Walgreens, and on Web sites like and The banner ads list the imperative comparison points between store brands and brand names,

including when store brands contain the same active ingredients or may be less expensive and usually

supported by a guarantee. Walgreens joined with Digitas, part of the Publicis Groupe, on the digital

portion of the campaign. Last spring, in conjunction with Digitas and DECA, a digital media company,

Walgreens began a partnership with the health and parenting Web site to present

branded content. Walgreens also partnered with the women-centric blog publishing network, BlogHer, to

reach its target demographic of women between the ages of 25 and 54.

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Walgreens Is First U.S. Drug Chain to Install Geothermal Energy.: Tom Connoly states that ”we are proud to showcase our commitment to the environment here in Oak Park,“. In addition , “we are always looking for new and creative ways to reduce our carbon footprint. The Oak Park Walgreens’ geothermal system employs the earth’s heat utilizing a network of four closed-loop boreholes installed to depths of 650 feet, and a heat exchange system with the building that is controlled by Indie Energy EnergyLoop technology. The ability to warm to room-temperature from 55 degrees, instead of 10 degrees or cool it from 98 degrees will save a lot of energy. Geothermal energy for heating and cooling, which will decrease energy usage by about 46 percent.

Article #4. Mobile health launches get started is the bet going.
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