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French Ministers get Anti-Sexism Lessons The problematic conduct or behaviour discussed in this article is that a French female government minister wore a floral dress in a picture and relating it to gender equality, and about promoting gender equality. It created a problem because one of the ministers Jean-Marc Ayrault asked the French equality minister to set up workshops for Anti-Sexism and to understand what sexist stereotypes are. The consequences for those involved were a 45 minute workshop where all the ministers are given examples of sexism in daily life and taught how to avoid sexist stereotypes in political communication. What I learned from this article was that everyone would like to be equal and by doing something about it you can actually make a difference in France and in the young minds of people living around the world. This article makes me think twice about sexist stereotypes about men and women. By me improving on this skill will truly make my life easier.

Money Mart losses harassment case The problematic conduct discussed in this article is that a woman is being harassed by a male worker at the Money Mart. This created a problem because work places are supposed to be a safe working environment for customers and employees. It also created a problem for money mart, for them to refuse and to properly investigate the complaints about the manager who was getting harassed. Marjorie Harriott was the employee who filed the complaint of sexual harassment in the workplace. The consequences involved for this harassment was 30,000 dollars to one of the employees who didn’t take her complaint about sexual harassment seriously. What I learned from this article was that if you are being sexually harassed anywhere you should tell someone who has authority like your boss or if it’s really serious then the police. Also if you’re being harassed just tell that person to stop you don’t like it and if they don’t stop then that can be