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Essay 1

1. I think my subordinates would say that I am a fair leader and get the job done. I encourage two way feedback, foster teamwork, and encourage their ideas to better our mission. Of course there are times when they are unhappy with some of the decisions that I make or policies I have to enforce. When I notice that they are unhappy I talk them through why it is the way it is and if possible make changes to accommodate them. I also encourage them to come to me if they feel I have made a bad or incorrect decision or if they feel they have a better way of doing things.

2. My supervisor would probably say that I am a good follower. When leadership comes down with new policies to implement I always do my best to put a positive spin and motivate them to follow and implement the new policy to the best of their abilities. I will also lead the way by ensuring that I am the first to change what I need to in order to meet the standards. Sometimes my supervisor will notice things about my subordinates and I will have to address them and I always make it sound like it is coming from me and I do not tell them “MSgt Smith made me do this” or “MSgt Jones said you had to do such and such.”

3. Typically I feel I use the coaching leadership style. When my team is given a task I will sit down with my subordinates, go over the task at hand, and give them direction. Once I give the task out I will follow up and monitor for progress. If they have any issues, questions, or ideas to improve the process we will sit down and go over everything together. I do my best to encourage their ideas because I think it makes them feel like they own the process more. As the task is being completed I will encourage and compliment when they are doing a good job. Other times will require me to correct and offer constructive criticism. I feel my leadership style has been effective because we are able to come together as a team and get the job done.
4. As a non-commissioned officer I would say I am always learning and growing. I know that I still have a lot of growing and learning to do. Each subordinate I have teaches me something new, a new way to lead, or a new perspective to see things from. When