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Referencing & Synopsis
In this assignment I will list ten references that related to my programme of study; the references will include five peer review reference, two textbox references, two website references and one other type of reference which will be a YouTube video.
1. Amanda Sinclair. (1993). Approaches to organisational culture and ethics. Journal of Business Ethics. 12 (1), 1.
2. Tariq Ashraf. (2004). the International Information & Library Review. Information technology and public policy: a socio-human profile of Indian digital revolution. 36 (4), 309–318.
3. Jennifer Francis and Katherine Schipper. (1999). Have Financial Statements Lost Their Relevance? Journal of accounting and finance. 37 (2), 319-352.
4. Rachel Parker and Lisa Bradley. (2004). Bureaucracy or Post-Bureaucracy? Public Sector Organisations in a Changing Context. THE ASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. 26 (2), 197-215.
5. Mary B. Prescott. (1997). Understanding the Internet as an innovation. Industrial Management & Data Systems. 97 (3), 119–124.
6. Peter Atrill, Eddie McLaney (2012). Accounting and Finance for Non-Specialists. 8th ed. Harlow: Pearson. 20-35.
7. Mr Ian Brooks (2009). Organisational Behaviour: Individuals, Groups and Organisation. 4th ed. Harlow: Pearson. 13-36.
8. Refsnes Data. (1999). HTML Styles - CSS. Available: Last accessed 23rd Oct 2013.
9. Microsoft. (2013). Understanding Internet Basics. Available: Last accessed 23rd Oct 2013.
10. Frederick Taylo. (2009). the biggest bastard. Available:
My first peer review journal which is “Approaches to organisational culture and ethics; Journal of Business Ethic” looks at the aspect of using organisational culture as a way of refining the ethic and culture within an organisation. This journal relates to my programme study in two ways. Firstly ethic is an important part of an organisation; secondly ethic is acknowledged as a way of determining how employee and manger behave within an organisation. Reading through this journal I found that ethic can shape a managers perspective.
Similarly the second peer review looks at information technology and public policy within India; this journal highlights the different faction of the Indian government and how they are trying to liberalize organisation to take upon the information revolution. In addition this journal provides a great detail of socio-human within information technology.
The third peer view journal is a journal of accounting and finance and it asks the question “Have Financial Statements Lost Their Relevance?” Throughout this journal the issue that is address is one that I ask myself; which is a financial Statement is currently losing relevance in terms of useless to investors. Summarising