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To whom it may concern: My name is Ramon De La Cruz Zarco, I’ve known Jazmin Zarco since we were children.
Since I’ve known Jazmin she has been a very respectful and kind person. She comes from a hard working, humble and family oriented background which has shaped her life for the better and those who are around her on daily bases. Though we all face struggles Jazmin has endured many obstacles but has always overcame them in a positive manner despite the odds, keeping her composure and supporting her siblings and her parents. Yazmin along with her siblings was basically raised in the United States, shes been living in America since she was a kid and was very into school and getting educated, in fact she finished k­12 earning her diploma with inspiration to continue excel academically. Unfortunately she and her parents were forced to leave what they knew as home under the circumstances, leaving her life behind and having to start a new one. Not only was she forced to leave her brothers and sisters behind, she was forced to leave her home, she had to leave her friends, family, and the opportunity to pursue the american dream she strived for. It is now 8 years since she moved to Mexico, since then she found comfort in a loving relationship yet again facing another obstacle since her husband is a US citizen and lives in the US. My heart goes out to her because she is having to live with a long distance relationship where she can’t see her husband for